Saturday, September 17, 2016

Thirty-Three Yeas Ago - The D&D Cartoon Debuts

Quite by accident I stumbled upon a random fact while surfing the web today. Thirty-three years ago on Saturday September 17th, 1983, the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon debuted on TV. I found it odd because just today I sat down to watch an episode with my little boy. I had purchased the complete series about 10 years ago just to relive those mornings of so long ago. I watched about half way though the first season then then for some reason stopped watching. Something made me dig out the box set today to start watching the entire series again. What a coincidence! I was surprised at how much I remembered from 33 years ago. The plot of the first few episodes seemed mostly fresh in my mind. Maybe that shouldn't be too surprising though. In 1983 I was a D&D nut. I had just learned to play the year before and my entire world revolved around the game. Getting a Saturday morning cartoon consisting of my favorite pastime was like Christmas . So I guess a happy 33rd birthday wish is in order!