Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hello GenCon 2014! Goodbye GenCon 2014!

One of my stated goals of this blog for the year was to attend GenCon.  While I have attended the show once before back in 2009, I was there mainly for miniatures and wargaming.  With my renewed interest in Dungeons and Dragons and the 40th anniversary of the game, this was to be the year of D&D at GenCon for me.

I received my badge in the mail last week.  My excitement nearly bubbled over as I opened the envelope because it arrived on the very same day as my new D&D Starter Set.  Surely that was no coincidence.  It was an omen that GenCon 2014 was going to be a wonderful experience.

My worthless GenCon badge (altered to protect the innocent)
Well maybe I read the omen wrong.  It looks like GenCon 2014 will not be a wonderful experience after all.  It now seems that I will not be able to go.  I just received a big promotion at work that will probably preclude me from taking the required time off in August.  To say that I'm disappointed would be an understatement.  Don't get me wrong though, the promotion is a big thing.  I'm very appreciative that I was chosen to fill the position.  I just wish that my plans were not affected in such a drastic manner.  I was really looking forward to my trip!

So now my badge is quite worthless.  It will not even make a good souvenir since no awesome gaming memories are attached to it.  The tickets I purchased for multiple gaming sessions and painting seminars are also not worth the paper they are printed on.  In the garbage they go.  Even the nice room I booked at the Springhill Suites will go unused.  I guess I need to call and cancel soon so that some other lucky gamer can get a last minute downtown hotel room.

No gaming for this guy in Indianapolis this year.  Yes, I'm bummed but I'll get over it.

Okay.  So no GenCon this year.  Ive been working hard to meet all of the goals I set for the year when I started this blog but I'll have to concede defeat on this one.  I'm sure my failure will not be held against me by the RPG world.  Ha!  Plus, there is always next year to make a triumphant return!

As always, thanks for reading (and in this case, listening to me bitch and moan).


  1. Not to mention, you just depressed the hell out of everybody else who have liked to gone, but aren't able to. Well, break out the liqueur. Time to justifiably wallow. Since you got the promotion, make sure to throw your weight around at work to get this time off next year.

    1. Good point. I was being selfish and not thinking of it that way. At least I HAD the chance to go. That's the way I should be looking at it, right? Ha! Anyway, missing out will make next year even better!